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 New York City native with an intense curiosity, energy and sex-positive spirit that is contagious. I've been a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix for over 4 years, who is continuously discovering, learning, and developing Her repertoire. 

Enticingly enjoying my youth in the most mischievous way.


  As a Domina, I derive pleasure guiding those who seek a new journey of a deeper understanding of their own senses.


I may grant most deviant fantasies to life.


         My natural style of  Domination is Sensual Sadist. I extremely enjoy exploring one's senses,  torturing and tormenting the innate human being senses.  Using temperatures, bondage, and human desires as my tool. I understand your need to offer your mind, body, and soul to the whims of a superior female. It is both fulfilling and frustrating; a compulsion that must be treated delicately at times and utterly abused by others. I find your personal breaking point, teetering on the balanced summation of sensory stimulation and discipline. I will mind fuck you; over stimulating the nerve endings all over one's body. You will want to respond to the pounding explosions of electricity as your goal is nirvana. 

   I  stand confidently at 5'2  as I hover over your trembling body,  and restraining you steadily with My firm grip. 

Weigh approximately 132 lbs.

My measurements are 32-25-38,

I am curvy yet slender.

Size nine in shoes 


         Nirvana is not what I deliver and is never promised; it is the thing you wish and prays that I will allow you to have.

Nirvana is a gift to the grateful. 


Are you Grateful?....


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