Let your account be drained in the name of my never-ending greed... 


If you really want to impress Her,  Mistress Klara Manson has a particular fascination with shoes, and is always looking to expand Her collection!

Her preferred brands/shops







Whilst a gift is not mandatory, should you wish to buy Mistress Klara Manson a gift then you can choose something for Her from the links below, or use your imagination and surprise Her! You can personally choose and send a gift directly to Mistress Klara Manson from Her Amazon or Delivery Code wishlist.

Amazon Wishlist






Here is a selection of shops Mistress Klara Manson loves which allow you to buy Her a gift-card online and send it to Her email


or print off/buy in-store and bring to the session!

Westward Bound

House of Harlot Latex
Agent Provocateur
Artifice Clothing

GiftRocket is the preferred way to receive cash gifts.

PAYPAL: missneenadeville@gmail.com

VENMO: @missneena

GIFT CARDS: missneenadeville@gmail.com

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